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        "Breeding a British Shorthair is not just a hobby - it's a science"   

When I decided to start breeding the British shorthair from the UK I knew it was my responsibility to stay true to the breed and respect the generations of people who had dedicated their lives to "protecting" these wonderful cats.

I don't believe in indiscriminate breeding.
There are too many cats that have born as a result of thoughtless breeding who ultimately have no purpose.
I want to do my part to help develop the British shorthair and as such have a clear breeding goal.
By using top quality queens and approved tomcats I aim to produce not only superb looking cats but also cats that are able to perform primarily on the showbench.

 " Turn your dreams into goals and your goals into your future "

                       Thinking ahead breeds SUCCES

Lately I got a email from a American cattery and the lady asked me OK , John what's your goal.
Well I like to breed the super British shorthair cat that's my goal , "for the weak it's temptation , for the strong it's opportunity" .      
It's in the genes. These words are not only used for people with remarkable characteristics , but are also true for queens and tomcats. With research , I'am able to continually improve how I "look" at genes and unravel the potential of a breeding animal. Will it be an average animal or the next list topper ? My cats are selected for their high genetic potential . The result - better British shorthairs.

Every cat has it's individual and respectively requires to be handeld accordingly.
I care for my cats with great sensitivity and love.
If I do part of a cat , I take great care to ensure that it changes into good hands.
Mass stock will never be an issue for me.
I regard every cat as an individual and not as a marketable good.

                                           Coppins Clevers Son of The Lion King ( 2000 - 2005 )              


Hi , welcome to my site , my name is John de Vries and I'm the owner of The Lion King cattery.
I started breeding British shorthairs in 1993 and made my name over the years.
I'm a prof. Clockmaker 

Coppins Clevers Son of The Lion King ( unbeatable that time by a fair judge )
november 2003 winner of 142 British shorthairs ( British shorthair special show Felikat )
2 of his daughters where 1 & 4 in a class of 50 ( kitten class ).
Neocat show 2004 , BIV - BIS - BOB , + a cup for the best blue British shorthair.

Quality is the prime factor

I love and keep my cats for hobby & select breeding only

I have no segret what I feed my cats , f.i. raw meat ( cattle - rabbith - chicken etc. etc.)
+ dry food ( Hill's ) only what is manufactured in The Netherlands.
Never settle for less when it comes to feeding my beauties

My stud Geoff is strait from Engand , I'm so honored to get to work with these incredible British Shorthair . For many years it has been my dream and goal to work with this Coppins bloodline. However , I'm very glad to have 48 years of breeding experience under my belt to be able to express their potential in my own cattery ,  incl. 7 years from Gill Howe ( Coppins UK ) , she took me under her wing and taught me the fine tuning . ( Gill Howe hit the right notes , she was ahead of her time ).

 3 stunning young females , all pure shorthair and all blood group A ( Langford UK ) are running now in The Lion King catt.
                              My Choice of Dyade 
   My Choice first show in Houten 29/01/17 was very succesfull  B.I.V and B.I.S ( biggest show in Holland )                               
                          This is Heather and she is 11 weeks old in the photo.
                                 Heather by the breeder and the new owner